Alon Leichman Special - Limited Edition

$389.99 USD
Elevate your game with our exclusive one and only "Alon Leichman Special" baseball glove. This 1-of-1 glove features a striking JapKip white and royal blue leather layout adorned with the Star of David, proudly representing the Israeli flag.

Individually embroidered on the thumb is "Alon," adding a personal touch to your gear, while the signature "AL" on the I-web showcases the stamp of approval from Alon himself. But what truly sets this glove apart is the meaningful addition of a dog tag stamped into the palm.

The dog tag bears a powerful message in Hebrew, "Halev sheli shavui be'Aza," translating to "My heart is held captive in Gaza," conveying a poignant sentiment close to the hearts of many. Beneath it, the urgent call "BRING THEM HOME NOW" resonates with a global audience, making this glove not just a piece of equipment, but a symbol of solidarity and hope.

With its exceptional 1-of-1 design and high-quality materials, this limited edition glove from JH Pro Gloves is a must-have for players who demand excellence on the field and wish to make a statement beyond it. Dominate the game with style and purpose - order yours today exclusively at