Be Athletic - 11.75"

$349.99 USD

Unleash your inner athlete with our 11.75" right-hand throw baseball glove, crafted from top-quality JapKip leather. This glove not only promises unmatched durability and performance but also features a vibrant Oakland-inspired yellow, green, and white colorway that brings back the nostalgic charm of 90s baseball.

Designed with an I-web for enhanced stability and flexibility, this glove is perfect for infielders seeking superior control and comfort. The premium JapKip leather ensures a soft yet sturdy feel, allowing for a quick break-in period and long-lasting use.

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with this uniquely designed glove. The Oakland-inspired colors pay homage to the iconic era of 90s baseball, ensuring you stand out on the field while enjoying top-tier performance.