Exotic Paradise - 11.75"

$274.99 USD

Experience the perfect blend of exotic luxury and top-tier performance with our 11.75" Mint Gatorskin and Navy Steerhide infield glove, exclusively available at jhprogloves.com. This glove is designed for infielders who crave both style and functionality, offering a unique look inspired by the vibrant beauty of a tropical paradise.

Crafted from premium Mint Gatorskin leather, this glove boasts a striking, textured finish that not only looks stunning but also provides exceptional durability and performance. The Gatorskin leather is complemented by rich Navy Steerhide, offering a sturdy yet supple structure that molds perfectly to your hand.

Adding a bold pop of color, the glove features Neon Pink logos and accents, creating a lively contrast against the cool mint and deep navy tones. This vibrant neon detailing doesn't just catch the eye—it makes a statement on the field, showcasing your confidence and flair.

To complete its exotic appeal, the glove is adorned with navy palm tree designs on the thumb and finger pad, highlighted in Neon Pink. These tropical motifs evoke the essence of a lush, serene paradise, making this glove as much a piece of art as it is a top-performing piece of equipment.

The 11.75" size is ideal for infielders, providing the perfect balance of agility and control for quick plays and precise catches. Whether you're turning a double play or snagging a line drive, this glove offers the responsiveness and reliability you need to excel.