Red Bandit - 12.75"

$359.99 USD

Command the outfield with the unmatched elegance and superior performance of our 12.75" H-web outfielders glove, available exclusively at This glove is a striking blend of luxury and functionality, meticulously designed for outfielders who demand the best.

Crafted from premium Japanese Kip leather, renowned for its durability and firm feel, this glove features a rich red paisley texture that adds a touch of unique sophistication. The intricate paisley pattern not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also showcases the exceptional craftsmanship behind each glove.

The glove is further complemented by sleek black suede accents and matching black logos, creating a bold contrast that stands out on the field. The black Japanese Kip palm offers a smooth, comfortable grip, ensuring that you maintain full control even during the most intense plays.

The 12.75" size and H-web design provide the perfect combination of length and flexibility, making it ideal for outfielders who need to make quick, reliable catches. Whether you're chasing down fly balls or diving for line drives, this glove gives you the reach and stability needed to dominate the outfield.

Each glove is hand-crafted with precision, ensuring every stitch is placed with care to deliver maximum performance and durability. The combination of luxurious materials and detailed craftsmanship makes this glove not just a piece of equipment, but a statement of style and excellence.

Step onto the field with confidence and style. Order your 12.75" Red Paisley Japanese Kip outfielders glove today at and elevate your game with the ultimate combination of luxury and performance.